How Social is my Blog?

Today Margie asked us to write a post outlining the features we’ve built into our blogs that make them more “social”. I’ve done a lot of things to integrate my blog and social media platforms, such as:

I allow people to follow and comment on my blog.

I have embedded my Twitter feed into my blog.

I have included links to my social media feeds on my blog.

I have embedded a list of blogs I follow into my sidebar. 

I have connected my blog to my Twitter and FaceBook accounts so that my new posts are shared across different platforms.

Social Media class has been fun, but keeping everything regularly updated with relevant and interesting content is a full time job! I could definitely see myself doing social media for a library, but it would require some very careful curating, writing and scheduling indeed.


Sharing WordPress Posts on Twitter

As part of our competency task we need to share our WordPress blog posts on Twitter. This sounds tricky, but it’s actually really easy!

WordPress has a really easy to understand tutorial here, which explains how to approve a connection between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. By following these instructions I was able to connect my accounts and automatically share posts on Twitter and FaceBook. I can also choose not to share posts by using the “Sharing” feature:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.48.23 pm

I can uncheck the boxes if I don’t want to share my WordPress posts on any of my connected social media accounts, and I can also change the text I’d like to share with the link. I can also click “Connect New Service” to connect with other accounts, such as Tumblr or Google+.

If you’re still really new to WordPress or Twitter and need a more visual guide, you might find this video tutorial helpful!

Introducing: Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!

Source: Introducing: Librarian Job Ad Drinking Bingo!

With the graduation light shining (flickering?) at the end of the tunnel, I’m sure many of us have started the dreaded job search. If crafting those Key Selection Criteria answers are getting you down, just keep being “dynamic” and play a little Library job Ad bingo!


Copyright and Social Media

I recently reblogged some info from Susy’s Blog about copyright implications with regard to social media, but I thought I’d share a few more links in a separate post.

Using social media has become an everyday part of life for most of us, and we share a huge amount of content online. We post photos, videos and music, and while certain uses of copyrighted content may be considered “fair use” rather than infringement, it’s important to understand the line. Here are some relevant and easy to understand articles I found exceptionally helpful:

Sharing copyrighted content on social media – fair use or infringement?

Online social networking – Legal Aid NSW

Social Media & Copyright – University of Melbourne 

Social Media and Fair Use: Pinterest as a Case Study

  creative commons licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by Austin Kleon

Copyright and Social Networks, Blogs and User-generated Media

There’s a lot of information about copyright implications and social media out there, but very little is specific to Australia. Susy has found an Australian Government resource that I thought I’d share….

Susy S


For information on Copyright and Social Networks, Blogs and User-generated Media the Australian Copyright Council has a great resource. This covers information on what is user-generated media, ownership of copyright in material posted to a website, blog, social network or other online service, exceptions to infringements and practical implications of copyright. There are also answers to frequently asked questions. (Use this link to download as an adobe pdf file)

Information sheet Websites: Social Networks, Blogs & User-generated Media

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Working with Google Sites

Today in Build a Website class we played around with Google Sites. The purpose of the task was to get used to the idea of building a site with multiple pages and structuring them well. We didn’t need to put a lot of content on each page, just a few lines of text or an image that describes the purpose of the page.

My thoughts? Google Sites is super easy to use, but it may be a little too simple to meet my needs. Perhaps I’m a bit spoiled by all the widgets and customisation options here on WordPress?

Anyway, here it is: Stephanie’s Library Studies Project


School Library Websites

I’ve compiled a small list of school library websites to help us create our own websites as part of the “Build a Website” unit. I tried to find sites that are different from each other so we can get a good idea of what’s out there. I’ll continue to add to this list as I discover more.

Brisbane Grammar School – Really well designed and seamless!

Chongqing Maple Leaf International School Library – Links to online databases, reference tools, etc.

Broadoak Learning Resource Centre – Perhaps made with WordPress?

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Upper School Library – Has a catalog searching function.