Social Media Etiquette

Hello classmates! Today I’m going to do a little blog about Social Media Etiquette. This fulfills one of our competency tasks, and it’s also really important to understand etiquette and standards of behaviour when using social media in a professional setting.

Susy shared a great link to the The University of Adelaide’s Social Media Etiquette & Obligations, which I thought was a fantastic resource. Another excellent article that covers not just general etiquette, but also some tips for specific social media platforms, is Modern Etiquette: Social Media Do’s & Don’ts.

For those still learning, Guide to Social Media Etiquette and 20 New Keys To Social Media Etiquette are easy to understand and great for social media newbies. Both articles are geared more towards personal use, but the same ‘rules’ still apply.

As we’ve moved onto Twitter, I thought it would be a good idea to include these twitter etiquette links:

I think social media is one of the best ways to promote library services and events, connect with your patrons and build a recognisable brand. If you’re enjoying this unit and would love to learn more about social media news and trends, be sure to check out Mashable Australia’s Social Media page. You’ll find lots of interesting and valuable article, and learn a lot more about the influence of social media.


5 thoughts on “Social Media Etiquette

  1. I wish more people would follow the etiquette. Have come across a lot of people who don’t use common sense when they are online.

    *Laughing at the mention of not tweeting when drunk*
    I think we all know someone who’s done that!


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