Social Media in Libraries

A recent paper by Taylor & Francis shows that over 70% of libraries they surveyed are using social media tools, and 60% have had a social media account for three years or longer (with 30% of librarians posting at least daily). Facebook and Twitter are the most popular platforms, but visual platforms like YouTube and Pinterest are gaining in popularity. Social media is definitely becoming an integral part of how people communicate with each other, and 88% of survey respondents felt that social media would become more important to the library in the future. In short? There’s no escaping social media, so it’s time to get comfy with it!

The National Library of Australia is a library that has really embraced social media, and you can read their Social Media Strategy here. They really understand that social media is a brilliant tool for the promotion, development and delivery of their services and collection, and use a number of different platforms to:

  • Increase the use of National Library services and collections
  • Enhance and preserve their reputation through quality activity
  • Be seen to be active in the social media space with its broad user base
  • Increase engagement with online audiences
  • Solicit feedback in order to improve their services.

The National Library of Australia lists all of their accounts in one place, which makes it super easy to connect with them using your preferred platform.

Other libraries that multiple platforms are State Library Victoria (Facebook & Twitter) and Melbourne Library Service (Facebook & Twitter).

I really recommend the my fellow LIS students read the Taylor & Francis paper I mentioned earlier (Use of social media by the library: current practices and future opportunities), and here is some additional reading:

I love social media, and I hope I get the chance to work in a library that has embraced it!



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