Sharing WordPress Posts on Twitter

As part of our competency task we need to share our WordPress blog posts on Twitter. This sounds tricky, but it’s actually really easy!

WordPress has a really easy to understand tutorial here, which explains how to approve a connection between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. By following these instructions I was able to connect my accounts and automatically share posts on Twitter and FaceBook. I can also choose not to share posts by using the “Sharing” feature:

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.48.23 pm

I can uncheck the boxes if I don’t want to share my WordPress posts on any of my connected social media accounts, and I can also change the text I’d like to share with the link. I can also click “Connect New Service” to connect with other accounts, such as Tumblr or Google+.

If you’re still really new to WordPress or Twitter and need a more visual guide, you might find this video tutorial helpful!


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