Useful Website Resources

Competency Task 1 asks us to create an additional page for our blog containing a list of at least 6 resources that might be useful to library staff considering creating a website for their organisation. Here are my suggestions:

Create A WordPress Website 2015 – This 2.5 hr video is an up to date, comprehensive tutorial about creating a website with WordPress. It covers everything from domain hosting to building pages. If you’re looking for a step by step guide to creating a WordPress website this is a great starting place!

Learn – If you’re using WordPress, why not explore the official WordPress user guide? Here are 60 different WordPress tutorials you can browse through too.

Webmonkey – Webmonkey’s Cheat Sheets, Colour Charts and Code Snippets were my go-to resources when I first started blogging! If you want to change the colour of your font, add images with HTML or do special characters, start here.

Library Success – This page on Library Success includes links to well-built library websites, successful library redesigns, web tools and more.

Accessible Design for Library Web Sites – This website is a guide to creating a library site that is universally accessible to all patrons including those with a variety of disabilities.

5 Things Every School Library Website Should Have – This blog post was published in 2011, so it’s not the most recent one out there, but it’s got some good things to consider when creating a school library website. The blog continues to be updated, so it’s worth a read if school libraries interest you!

Creating Library Website Using Open Source Content Management System – Ok, this is a bit of a big read, but confident and experienced IT users may find it helpful.


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